What’s New In Version 5.5.0
Released May 22, 2018
• Compatibility with QuarkXPress 2018 using new Exportools Professional XT and installer
• New, faster PDF engine to export from InDesign (eliminates error 35852)
• New Layers option: “As Preset/Style” to export layers according to setting stored in preset/output style
• Split document settings are now stored with application presets
• “Create separate PDF Files” option in InDesign CC 2018 is now ignored
• Better stability with macOS High Sierra
• Several other fixes and improvements.

What’s New In Version 5.0.1
Released August 11, 2017
• Improved merging of QuarkXPress files
• Minor bug fixes.

What’s New In Version 5.0.0
Released May 9, 2017
• Brand new user interface – combines file list and batch log in same window
• Split documents in batch, optionally retaining page numbering and collecting links
• Merge multiple documents into a single one
• Preflight any document or multiple documents in batch, without outputting
• Filter which documents to process – for example, currently selected or new documents
• Small and large previews for all documents and exported files
• New preference to extract embedded InDesign previews
• Preflight status and last processing status are displayed in document list
• Individual preflight results can be copied to the Clipboard or saved to disk
• Document history – displays complete processing and preflight history for each document
• Batch log, preflight log and document history are always saved to disk
• Output tables contain file size, start and processing time, and overwrite status
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