What’s New

What’s New In Version 2019 (6.0.0) – Released February 12, 2019

• New interface: use of popovers throughout to hide controls so you can focus on the main content.

• Notifications: send emails, show banners or play sounds when processing is finished.

• Use of red badges throughout to indicate location of errors and warnings.

• Full support for Dark Mode that gives Exportools Professional a dramatic dark look (requires macOS Mojave).

• AppleScript support with Start and Stop commands.

• Option to merge presets with existing ones when loading preset sets.

• Watched Folders: new action to reprocess file every time it is modified.

• Improved handling of files inside a watched folder as they are added or removed.

• File List: rearrange files by dragging them into new position.

• Invisible characters are now displayed to separate text blocks or pages when exporting as text.

• Support for documents using Composition Zones in QuarkXPress.

• Exporting tables as plain text now retains tabbing order.

• Section markers are now retained when splitting documents.

• Leading zeros are now added before digits when selecting "Page Section" as file name component.

• Output and preflight list contents now wrap to fit text within columns.

• You can load preset sets created with version 5 of Exportools Professional.

• Support for new Privacy requirements under macOS Mojave.

• Compatibility with Adobe InDesign CC 2019 and upcoming QuarkXPress 2019.

• Performance and stability improvements.

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