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Repurpose Hundreds of Documents. Plenty of Formats to Choose Fr
Exportools Professional allows you to output multi-page InDesign or QuarkXPress documents as single-page or multi-page files. With more than a dozen of formats to choose from, Exportools Professional is the only tool you need to export pages, spreads, text and images for print, web or portable devices.
The same application handles both InDesign and QuarkXPress documents, and supports InDesign versions CS3 through CC 2017, as well as QuarkXPress versions 8 through 2015/2016.
Batch print documents using any InDesign print preset or QuarkXPress print style.
Batch export documents to PDF, using any InDesign PDF preset or QuarkXPress PDF style. Optionally, convert the PDF to JPG, TIFF or PNG, specifying resolution and other settings.
Batch export documents to PostScript using any InDesign print preset or QuarkXPress output style.
Extract text and pictures from documents, and choose to save as RTF, Word documents, HTML, web archives, Apple Pages documents, or plain text.
Watched Folder, File List, or Open Documents.
Exportools Professional gives you these 3 possibilities to export files:
Custom File List: Drag-and-drop InDesign or QuarkXPress documents from the Finder into the interactive file list.
Watched Folder: Have Exportools Professional periodically scan a watched folder. Newly dropped files will be automatically added to the queue.
Open Documents: Export or print those documents currently open in InDesign or QuarkXPress.
Built-In Preflighting.
The preflighting engine quickly and thoroughly analyzes each document for potential problems that could lead to time and material waste. Check for: missing fonts, text overflows, non-printing graphics, broken picture links, RGB images, and poor image resolution.
Once a problem is found, you can select to skip the document in question, stop outputting, or ask the user to decide. Exportools Professional automatically logs all preflight reports for easy tracking, plus you also have the option of saving the log to disk.
Extract Text and Images for Web or Tablets.
You can extract all document text and pictures, retaining most of the formatting and page layout order. Extracted pictures can be reduced in file size and arranged in different ways within the text flow, in order to optimize their appearance when viewed on web pages, word processing documents, or tablets.
Templates for File Names and Subfolders.
Exportools Professional allows you to define file naming templates – a sequence of up to 15 variable placeholders, such as a serial number or time stamp, that change automatically to name each exported file. Using file naming templates allows for easy identification of the exported files, and prevents unwanted duplicate file names.
You can also organize the exported files that belong to each original document by creating subfolders inside the destination folder.
Output Log
Track and Monitor All Output Files.
The Output Log of Exportools Professional keeps track of all the files being exported or printed. You can monitor in real-time which files have been successfully or unsuccessfully processed, and get detailed info of any errors or warnings.
Once the output is completed, you’ll have the option to open all or some of the exported files with any application that you choose, or with the default application.
Automatic Handling of Processed Documents.
Presets for Different Workflows.
For each processed document, Exportools Professional can then flag it as Done/Failed, remove it from the list, or move it to a different folder.
You can flag processed documents as “Done/Failed and Ready for Next Output”, meaning that those files can then be exported again to a different format, for example.
Use custom presets to save settings currently chosen in Exportools Professional. For example, you can have presets for PDF workflows, text extraction, watched folders, etc. You can easily redefine, revert, add, rename, and remove presets.
Presets can also be saved and loaded when needed, which makes it easy to share them within the workplace.
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Exportools Professional
Exportools Professional
Print Directly to Printer
Export to PDF or Images
Export to PostScript
Extract Text and Pictures
System Requirements
To output InDesign documents: Adobe InDesign CC 2017, 2015, 2014 or older
To output QuarkXPress documents: QuarkXPress 2015, 2016 or older.
OS X 10.6 or later
Multicore Intel processor
Activation of the software requires an internet connection.
Apple Pages 4.1 or 5.x is required to save text in Pages format.
BUY NOW $119.99
Required XTension for QuarkXPress
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