Exportools Professional 2020

Printers, book publishers, ad agencies and designers worldwide rely on the simplicity and effectiveness 

of Exportools Professional to quickly repurpose documents and pages. You can batch export as single pages or 

multi-page files, split and merge documents, setup watched folders, extract text, auto preflight, and more.

The leading software for exporting and preflighting InDesign and QuarkXPress documents. 

Batch Export and Batch Print

Send multiple InDesign and QuarkXPress documents to PDF, PostScript, images, or directly to the printer. Choose to create separate files for each page or spread, or all pages in one file. Manage output folders and automatically create subfolders for each exported document.

Document Lists

Watched Folders

Open Documents

Drag-and-drop InDesign or QuarkXPress documents from the Finder into the interactive document list.

Have Exportools Professional periodically scan a watched folder. Newly dropped files will be automatically added to the queue to be processed.

Export or print those documents currently open in InDesign or QuarkXPress.

Built-In Preflighting

The preflighting engine quickly and thoroughly analyzes each document for potential problems that could lead to time and material waste. 

Check for: missing fonts, text overflows, non-printing graphics, broken picture links, RGB images, and poor image resolution.

Split Documents

Merge Documents

Extract Text

Split multiple InDesign or QuarkXPress documents. Save as single pages, single spreads, or multi-page files.

Merge several QuarkXPress or InDesign documents into a new document. Retain all formatting and style sheets.

Extract text from documents and save to popular formats, such as Microsoft Word, RTF or HTML.

Exportools Professional works with today’s leading graphics software: Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress.

Exportools Professional 2020 is compatible with Adobe InDesign 2017 to 2020, and QuarkXPress 2019. 

Older versions of Exportools Professional support previous versions of InDesign and QuarkXPress.

For Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress

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